Oh friend, the possibilities are quite literally endless. I always tell my couples to elope somewhere that fills your spirit and makes you feel alive. National or state parks, coastlines, on top of mountains, deep in forests, or in the middle of a desert... wherever you choose is going to be absolutely perfect. 

Where can i elope?

Yes, if you want. The beauty of elopements is that you have the option to choose. A good rule of thumb is that anything under 25 guests qualifies as an elopement, any more would be an intimate ceremony.

can i have any guests at my elopement?

Not to elope. You need a marriage license, witnesses (depending on the state) and an officiant. If you're eloping in a national park, you will need a photography permit and possibly an event permit. Check specific requirements at https://www.nps.gov/index.htm

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Do i need any special permits/paperwork to elope?

Covid-19 cancelations & Refunds

OH HECK YES, seriously in a heart beat. I charge $600 for domestic (lower 48) wedding travel. Portrait session pricing depends on the location, so just ask!

will you travel outside of oregon for weddings or portraits?

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do you give out unedited (RAW) images?

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Short answer? No. Why? I pride myself on creating a work of art out of the images I take and I wouldn't be doing my work any justice by giving out an unfinished product. If you want something edited a certain way, I'm open to a discussion but I will not allow my work to be edited by anyone else.

If you have to change the date of your wedding due to COVID-19, you can move to one of my open dates at no extra fee. If I'm not available that day, I can have one of my associates cover your wedding or you can ask for a refund of total cost (except for your non-refundable deposit). If you are canceling your wedding due to COVID-19, you will receive a refund of total cost (except for your non-refundable deposit).